When I was 15 years old, I discovered an old Nikon F1 and it was love at first sight! I was instructed in photography and drama schools in Buenos Aires Argentina, complementing my passion for painting and music. Located in Cancun Mexico since 1999, I've been part of over 900 weddings in the last 10 years. In my world, a photograph is a moment captured forever, no matter what happens in the future, a photograph is a moment that will last forever transporting us to that special moment every time we look at it. Why weddings? Because love is felt in the air, love and passion go hand in hand and photography is my passion ... to capture forever a second that is unique, it's magical! During a wedding I surrender to my senses, I open my heart and soul, to be able to give to the couple the story of their big day in a way that the images speaks for them and who they are when they are together. I still remember my first wedding, Angel & Brian November 2003, a lovely and small wedding at Isla Mujeres sunset, we walked around town between colorful houses and streets, taking pictures and capturing the feeling of the island, we got amazing images! I look forward to continue adding exciting wedding to my list! Maybe yours will be the next one! I will be waiting for your email, Thanks for your time! Cece.

"Open your eyes... sometimes life gives you gifts..."

cecilia dumas
dan & roger
steve & ryan

amber & tracey by associated photographer
kristi & lyeen by cecilia dumas
leslie & sheila by cecilia dumas
nicole & kerry by associated photographer
roger & dan by cecilia dumas
roxanne & christi by cecilia dumas
ryan & steve by cecilia dumas
sebastian & john by cecilia dumas
shannon & kait by cecilia dumas


by Cecilia Dumas

Wedding date: 15-Oct-2015
Location: Hotel Moon Palace Cancun

Cece, We just saw all of the photos that you posted! Thank you much for getting them up so quickly. They really look fantastic - especially given the dark/rainy conditions! Everyone on Facebook is already raving about how amazing they are. Thank you so much for everything. We loved working with you; everything was fantastic.


Please let us know if you ever visit Seattle! We would love to see you. We will definitely let you know we are in Isla Mujeres - I hope it is soon! Thanks.

Ryan and Steve

kristi & lyeen
roger & dan
isla mujeres
ryan & steve
isla mujeres
shannon & kait
isla mujeres


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